About Us

Hansbraun Investments Ltd. is a local commercial property management firm based in Victoria, BC. Our company has been locally owned and operated since our incorporation in 1967 and we work to ensure a hands-on, community approach to our business. Hansbraun Investments owns and manages all of our leasing properties, which includes five shopping centres and two office parks in the Municipality of Saanich. We strive to make each centre a friendly and welcome destination for tenants and their customers alike.

Hansbraun Investments has always been committed to a hands-on approach to property management. Our team handles the full scope of every aspect, from leasing to tenant improvement projects. This has allowed us to develop positive, long-term relationships with our tenants and ensure that each business reaches its full potential.

We strive to take an active role in community development and are currently incorporating green initiatives at our centres as well as future upgrades. We are excited to share the latest news and information with our community – be sure to check our News for the latest updates!