Navigating Small Business Taxes

Small Business BC

Navigating Canadian taxes as a small business owner or self-employed person can seem daunting at first. Like any other employment income, the money you earn from your small business is subject to taxation. Fortunately, there are plenty of legitimate ways you can bring this figure down by claiming the tax deductions that you are entitled to. On this page, Small Business BC has gathered many of its most popular articles on small business taxes. You’ll discover how to pay your taxes online through the Canada Revenue Agency’s online portal, some of the most common CRA-approved deductions small businesses can claim, and steps you can take to avoid a tax audit.

Understanding the Taxes You Need to Collect as a Business Owner

As a small business owner, you know you need to collect taxes – but which ones? Check out our handy guide for answers.

How to Pay Your Small Business Taxes Online

Paying your taxes online is a convenient and efficient way to fulfill your tax obligations to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Learn how the process works with our guide.

Common CRA-Approved Tax Deductions

Every small business owner has to pay taxes. Fortunately, the amount you owe can be reduced by using deductions. Learn which deductions apply to your business with our guide.

Explaining Small Business Tax Audits

The words ‘tax audit’ are enough to send a shiver down the spine of most business owners. Learn how tax audits work, and how to avoid being audited by the CRA.