Better Health with Hansbraun

Interested in improving your health? Hansbraun centres have a variety of health care stores and services to help you maintain good health.

At Royal Oak Shopping Centre, you’ll find many health-related businesses, including Inner Life Health Services (fertility and general health), Renew Massage Therapy and Acupuncture, Royal Oak Chiropractic and Natural Health and Vancouver Island Naturopathic Clinic and Integrated Health. Along with a pharmacy, dentist, orthodontist and orthotics services, Royal Oak Shopping Centre is definitely a health destination in Victoria.

Saanich Centre has a few health-related businesses, including Planet Organic Market, Saanich Optometry, a chiropractor and a massage therapy clinic.

At Saanich Plaza, you’ll find Elements Compounding Pharmacy, a pharmacy with a variety of pharmaceutical services not found in usual retail pharmacies. You can read our feature about this business here.

As you can see, Hansbraun shopping centres have a variety of health-related businesses and services for all your health care needs. We love supporting a vibrant Victoria through better health!