Family Fun Day

Head out to the Royal Oak Shopping Centre in support of Tour de Rock Alumni Kevin Nunn!

We think gratitude deserves two days on our Advent Calendar of Action because it is key to a happy life.

It’s amazing the smiles and happiness one small act can create for both people…and that’s what Christmas should feel like.

Let go of a grudge or hard feelings, repair a relationship. Negative thoughts and feelings only hurt the person who holds on to them…they drag you down and decrease your happiness.

Give your undivided attention to people who are talking to you

Share a meal – it’s good for the soul to sit down with friends (or neighbours, co-workers or family)…enjoy each other’s company.

Discover, or rediscover, or how good it feels to give and expect nothing in return.

Take in the awesomeness of where we live by walking one of the many trails around us, along the ocean, breath in our clean air, or check out the Christmas lights.

Be awesome…be your best self, work with integrity…inspire others…

With a word or with a card to one of those awesome people who regularly makes your day a little better.