Introducing Kevin Nunn—Fundraising for Cops for Cancer

When Kevin’s father died of cancer in October 2008, he knew he had to do something to help others fighting this disease. As an adopted Victorian (he’s originally from the UK) working with Saanich Police, he decided to help raise funds for the Cops for Cancer Tour de Rock.

Every year, about 25 police officers from all over Vancouver Island bike an estimated 1000km for 14 days across the island. The funds raised by each rider go two places: pediatric cancer research and support for sending kids and their families to Camp Goodtimes for free.

In 2010, Kevin decided to throw a theme fundraiser: being blonde and British, he said he would grow his hair to look like Billy Idol. That year, he raised $2500.

The following year, Kevin thought he should push the envelope. Since the Tour de Rock is a physical prowess, he achieved one of his own: he ran the Malahat between Duncan and Victoria in 7 hours and 19 minutes, raising $14,000 in the process.

In 2012, he did something even more impressive: he harnessed himself to a Mini Cooper and pulled it around the University of Victoria’s Ring Road 12 times, for a total of 22km, or a half-marathon. His exploit raised $31,600.

Kevin believes that his efforts are only part of the equation. “The community was essential in my success”, he says. “Without their support, I couldn’t do any of this.”

This year, Kevin was admitted as a potential rider for the Tour de Rock as a guest rider—traditionally, only police officers can ride. But this doesn’t stop him from planning more crazy stunts to raise funds for the ride. The next planned event is a 24-hour ride around the Ring Road—something he both dreads and looks forward to. He is also leading fundraising bootcamps at Catalyst Lifestyle on Fort Street based on themes: there’s been a “Town and Country” and a “Superhero” night. The donations all go for Cops for Cancer.

This year, we’ve decided to get involved with Kevin and help him in his fundraising efforts. His enthusiasm is contagious! As his wife is part of our team, we’ll be working up close and personal with him to come up with great fundraising events and activities to contribute to Cops for Cancer and the Tour de Rock. If you have any ideas for events or activities to help Kevin and to involve our retail communities in his fight against cancer, contact us! We’ll be glad to help you organize them.

We’ll keep you posted on Kevin’s events and activities on the blog, so stay tuned! You can also follow up on his fundraising efforts on his website.