Tenant Highlight: Cherries Breakfast Bistro at Wilkinson Plaza

When asked about the core of her business, Cherry says: “It’s about you and me, and our relationship through the food”. Cherry owns Cherries Breakfast Bistro at Wilkinson Plaza, one of our Victoria commercial real estate properties.

Opened since September 2011, the Cherries Breakfast Bistro has been part of a neighbourhood renaissance that began at the Wilkinson Plaza. Worried that there was no place she could get a good espresso and great food in her own neighbourhood, Cherry decided to open the Cherries bistro. “I want to be a catalyst”, she explains; “I believe it’s important to build up my own community, because the more we can offer them here, the less they will go elsewhere, like downtown, to visit businesses.”

Cherry is all about relationships. She builds her menu around client requests and the availability of tasty, high-quality local products. “We get our eggs from one of our clients, who owns 40 acres of land with chickens on it.” Cherries Breakfast Bistro bakes its own bread, cooks its own meat and invents its own recipes. Community is part of its mission statement: “to foster and encourage community by providing a family friendly environment with genuine care for you and yours”.

Cherries Breakfast Bistro has really contributed to the unique sense of community at Wilkinson Plaza. For example, last year, Cherries helped organize an annual pig roast with the participation of all the other business owners of the Plaza. “It was an amazing experience”, Cherry says, “being in your own community with everyone”.

Cherries Breakfast Bistro is part bistro, part catering and offers more than just breakfast: there’s also a daily soup and hot lunches available. Cherries also hosts a delicious brunch every Sunday—without the typical line-ups of other breakfast restaurants. The staff can cater for up to 500 people with the best desserts in town.