Kevin Nunn for Cops for Cancer—April Update

Even though we still don’t know if Kevin is going to ride yet, he has been training very hard for the past few weeks with members of Saanich Police. Here are some highlights from his Facebook updates:

On April 3rd, he seemed a little shocked by how hard it was going to be: “Awesome 1st Hill Training Ride last night. Yes it was the Observatory Hill.... Ouch. Now looking forward to Speed training tomorrow night.”

The following week, he admitted to getting the biking bug: “Speed Training last night was a blast. Great team work around an awesome circuit, lots of switching, chasing and gear changes followed by a little competitive racing along the Goose. I have the cycling bug and I love it.”

A week later, he realized how serious this training was: “What an amazing and heavy Speed Training night we had last night and boy does my body know about it this morning. As a warm up we rode to the Rail Yards (Harbour Road) and we were paired up and positioned at one end of the long road.

On the word go we had to race our partner to the other end (approx 100 meters) and oh did the legs burn and the heart race like a twin turbo engine. It was a gentle ride back to the start line to get our breath back before getting ready for the next round, and so it continued for the next hour. And yes if you are wondering, I was very close to recycling (excuse the pun) my lunch.”

On April 24th, he commented: “Last night’s Hill Training Ride in aid for Cops for Cancer Tour De Rock 2013 was amazing. The sun was shining and we were taken by our amazing trainers around the Hills and Beauty of Ten Mile Point. WOW WOW WOW, what a beautiful part of Victoria and on such a great warm and sunny evening.” Indeed, Kevin, indeed.

Seems like the training is going swimmingly. Kevin has been blessed with a sunny April, especially in the last few weeks, and we hope that the nice weather holds for May! The official announcement for the Saanich team will be made on May 11.

If you want to support Kevin, you can make a donation through his website. He has already received three Platinum-level sponsorships. It’s for a really good cause (see our previous post) and for a really great guy too!

Photo used with Kevin's permission