Tenant Highlight: Looking Glass Divas at Royal Oak Shopping Centre

Clothing doesn’t have to come from a big box store to be beautiful. In fact, Looking Glass Divas Consignment, at our Royal Oak Shopping Center, is doing the exact opposite: using gently used, high-quality clothing consigned by Victoria’s classiest ladies to renew and refresh other women’s looks.

“We try to touch women of all walks of life,” Allison, one of the owners, explains. “We want them to feel like goddesses.” With its personalized service and great selection of consignment clothing, there’s really no way you can walk out of there and not feel like a diva.

Looking Glass Divas prides itself on being part of the Royal Oaks community. The store attracts consignment from local women, recycles and reuses unwanted clothing, puts money in their pockets and helps them refresh their look with clothes that fit and flatter. Because the store is right next to the Curves gym, it gets a lot of women who want to show off their slimming figures.

The store also provides accessories and jewelry to finish off its clients’ new looks. Their work with local artisans and jewelers, such as WaterSlip Silver, directly supports the Vancouver Island economy and showcases local talent. “There’s nothing like us!” says Allison.

And what happens if the consignment clothing doesn’t sell? Even here, Looking Glass Divas is looking out for the local community by donating unsold items to local charities such as Mustard Seed, Wear-2-Start Women’s Charity and local community centers.

Our Victoria commercial properties are full of unique, interesting and local businesses that serve the community, just like Looking Glass Divas. When you serve the needs of the people who welcome you in the neighbourhood, it’s always good business!