Local Shopping and Healthy Economies

Everything “local” seems to be the trend these days: local food, local economy, local businesses. In a world of big box stores and multinational corporations, we often forget that local shop and business owners fuel local economies by providing good jobs and being an integral part of our communities.

Stronger communities, local jobs and a growing local economy? What’s not to like? Hansbraun does its part by renting its shopping and business spaces to locally-owned stores and businesses, and we have been featuring some of these on our blog lately. But more than compelling stories and interesting owners, there are many reasons why you should bring your business to locally-owned stores.

1. You invest in your community

When you spend your money in local stores, you invest in a stronger, healthier community. Locally owned businesses hire locally, buy goods and services from other local businesses and reinvest in the community not only through their taxes, but also through charity and community involvement.

Investing in your community has effects not only on the economy but also on services such as schools, parks, recreation centres and many others. If you enjoy living in Victoria, spending your money in locally-owned businesses will help keep our city a wonderful place to live.

2. You encourage sustainability

By shopping locally, you reduce the need for driving to far-away suburban strip malls and reduce the need for expensive and polluting truck deliveries through the ferry system. Hansbraun properties further encourage sustainability by installing bicycle facilities for customers and employees and developing recycling programs.

Walkable and accessible communities are at the heart of sustainable living, and locally-owned stores are more likely to open their doors on local streets and shopping malls rather than big suburban developments, further encouraging local shopping activity.

3. You show you care about Victoria

People who work and shop at locally-owned businesses care about Victoria. They are less likely to leave the area and they are more likely to invest in local charities. They enjoy getting involved in local events and organizations.

By helping to expand our local economy, they build more opportunities for others to invest by opening their own businesses. Successful businesses attract investments and more businesses—Tectoria is a great example of a growing local business hub. It also empowers women and minorities to get involved in business and become successful, thus further enriching the entire community.

People care about where they live, and it’s hard not to fall in love with Victoria the moment you set foot here. By building your business (and spending your dollars) in Victoria, you help make it an attractive community for others.

Photo by Deb Collins