Tenant Highlight: Elements Compounding Pharmacy at Saanich Plaza

Your pharmacist is an essential resource when it comes to your health. They offer more than prescription medication: they understand many health conditions and can offer advice and help that go beyond a simple pill.

All pharmacies are not created equal. Elements Compounding Pharmacy at Saanich Plaza is one of those unique pharmacies that offer a lot more than prescription medication. Compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medication in a form that meets the needs of individual patients. For example, they can make medication in a liquid form if a patient cannot swallow tablets. They can personalize dosages and alter medication flavours (especially useful for children and pets). Elements Compounding Pharmacy specializes in compounds for bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, pain management, pediatrics, skin care, and veterinary use.

For customers who use natural supplements, Elements Compounding Pharmacy carries research-based natural products, homeopathic, and ayurvedic supplements, something that few pharmacies do. “For patients wanting to combine prescription therapy with natural supplements, we can optimize their therapy safely,” says Priti, pharmacist/owner.

Priti understands the importance of community in her role as a pharmacist: “As an independent pharmacy, we’ve developed relationships with physicians, veterinarians, naturopaths, and other pharmacies. There are a lot of health services in this area, and we work closely with them to benefit patients.“

The Saanich Plaza business community is very important to her business: “It’s a big family. We’ve grown close together. It’s important to support small businesses, and we have to work as a team to succeed.”

Elements Compounding Pharmacy also provides other practical services for patients and customers: free prescription delivery, free blister packaging, medication reviews, health consultations, blood pressure monitoring and many others.

Small businesses are at the heart of our neighbourhoods, and we are proud to support a thriving health care community at Saanich Plaza, including Priti’s compounding pharmacy, including Priti and her staff at Elements Compounding Pharmacy.