Refresh Your In-Store Marketing for Fall

Summer is over, and the fall season is at our doors. Routine is taking over our lives once again and people go back to their busy lives.

Fall is the season for family gatherings, warm and cozy homes and the return of the ordinary. Here are some marketing tips for your store to help you make the most out of the season.

Highlight routine items

While the summer calls for special items and fun ideas, fall is more serious and more routine. It’s time to bring back the basic staples of your store, whether they’re multivitamins, jeans, coffee or bulk lunch items. Think back to the basics of what your store sells: what is it that really matters?

Get involved

The fall is also the return of community and school-based events. Show your community spirit by getting involved in a cause that matters to you: schools, sports, fight against poverty, etc. This shows your customers that you care about your neighbourhood.

Embrace the rain

Especially on our wet coast, fall means the return of rain. Instead of fighting it, embrace the climate: sell rain-related items or things that warm and cheer people up.

Throw a Halloween contest

Get customers through your doors around Halloween by launching a costume contest. Let your employees have a little fun by dressing up.

Give thanks

Fall is also the time for thanksgiving, so make sure to show how important your customers are by having a customer appreciation day. Service-based businesses can send thank-you cards along with a rebate for future services.

Holiday prep

Holiday preparation comes earlier and earlier each year. Don’t get left behind: start helping your customers get ready for the festive season as early as November. Stagger your specials over the course of November and December so people keep returning to your store.

How do you welcome the fall in your business?

Photo by Joshua Doubleu