Hansbraun Supports Victoria Women’s Transition House Society

As the Holidays come closer, our thoughts often go to those who are living through tough times. Hansbraun and its team are proud to support the Victoria Women’s Transition House Society through in-house fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Open since 1975, the Victoria Women’s Transition House Society has helped thousands of women and their children escape violence and abuse. Every year, the organization provides shelter and counseling to 160 women and 110 children. Mothers and their children receive counseling and support to help them move on to a violence-free life. The Victoria Women’s Transition House Society also provides community-based counseling for groups or individuals.

Despite an impression of equality in Canadian society, violence against women is still a reality for thousands of women across the country. On any given night, more than 3000 women are sleeping in a shelter, along with their 2500 children. Every six days on average, a woman is killed by a former or current partner. Violence is something that thousands of women in this country live with every single day.

It is with these disturbing facts in mind that Hansbraun chooses to help the Victoria Women’s Transition House Society every year. Hopefully, we can help reduce the incidence of gender-based violence and help women and their children safely escape abusive relationships.

If you would like to help along with us, you can donate to this great organization that provides an essential service to women in Victoria.