5 Business Resolutions for 2014

As 2013 comes to a close, it’s important to reflect on our achievements during the year and plan for what comes next. Your business can also use this time of reflection to consider trends and ideas that are currently shaping the business world. Here are 5 business resolutions based on important trends to consider for 2014.

1. Our business will use social media

If you’re not on social media yet, this should be your first priority for 2014. No matter your product, your service or how narrow your clientele is, social media has a tool for you. Twitter and Facebook are not for everyone, but there are other, more targeted options for any type of business. Having no presence on social media is akin to not having a phone number. This is how people communicate today and businesses must understand how this change affects them.

2. Our business will foster innovation through its employees

The age of the silent office drone is over. Young people today are tech-savvy, creative and full of ideas. They are keenly aware of social and business changes and are used to a world where information is delivered instantly and on demand. If channeled properly, instant communication and creative teamwork can bring innovation that will make the difference between your business surviving the 21st century… or disappearing with the 20th.

3. Our business will be transparent

Nothing on this planet is perfect—not even your business. In this age of instant information and social media, nothing stays hidden for long. Valuing transparency is not just about disclosing financial information—it’s also about being honest about when a business does something wrong, taking responsibility and making changes for the better. Customers value transparent businesses over those that use spin and smokescreens to hide their failings. Adopt transparency as a value and see trust in your brand soar.

4. Our business will adopt green practices

We cannot ignore the impact that human activities have on the planet anymore. Adopting green and sustainable practices is not only an important moral imperative today, but it also increases the trust in your brand. Customers today are keenly aware of things like carbon footprint, climate change and sustainability; no business today can afford to ignore these issues.

5. Our business will embrace mobile technology

Whether it’s providing a cloud server for your employees working on their iPads, or sending mobile-optimized newsletters to your clients, there’s no denying that everything is going mobile today. According to Pew Internet Research, 63% of adult cell phone owners use it to go online, and 34% say that their cell phone is their main point of access to the web. Ignoring mobile is ignoring a huge section of your current or potential customers!

Photo by Roland Legrand