Usually the feeling of something you’d rather not do hanging over your head is way worse than actually doing it!  Pick something you have been putting off…and get it done!

Be positive and try to go the whole day without complaining or gossiping.  That positive vibe is catchy…spread it around.

Get busy with the glitter glue with your kids, or find a great DIY gift idea on Pinterest

Do something good for the environment – plant a tree, take the bus, do better at recycling, consciously reduce your water and power consumption….the list goes on and on.

Take five minutes today to write down and reflect on five things that you are truly grateful for.  It’s easy to take that clean drinking water, your health, or freedom for granted, when you have it.

Laughter is the best medicine and it is good for the soul.  Don’t take yourself so seriously today…feel the joy of the season.  And don’t save it all for yourself, share it with your co-workers. 

Play a practical joke, why not amuse everyone and go to work in your Ugly Christmas sweater?  Or there’s always that sure thing for a laugh, funny animal videos.

Welcome to the New Business Tips series—a series of posts for new businesses on how to expand your clientele, manage your business and understand the ins and outs of marketing. We hope it’s going to become a useful resource to grow your business!

To begin the year 2014 on a positive note, we thought we would share some of the upcoming businesses opening in our retail space for lease. From new restaurants to health and wellness and even flowers, our new tenants will bring an array of new services and products to your daily life.