Interested in improving your health? Hansbraun centres have a variety of health care stores and services to help you maintain good health.

Did you know that the way our workspaces are designed affect our productivity and happiness at work?

Hansbraun Investments would like to address the issues surrounding the classic car gathering at Royal Oak Shopping Centre on Saturday, July 20, 2013.  We are in complete support of any type of community-building activity and recognize the gathering of classic cars as a positive for the co

Your pharmacist is an essential resource when it comes to your health. They offer more than prescription medication: they understand many health conditions and can offer advice and help that go beyond a simple pill.

Everything “local” seems to be the trend these days: local food, local economy, local businesses.

Clothing doesn’t have to come from a big box store to be beautiful.

Things are moving at Hansbraun, and some great stuff is happening all around our Victoria commercial properties.

There’s something you should know about Selena Elrod, owner of K9 Design in Torquay Vi

Even though we still don’t know if Kevin is going to ride yet, he has been training very hard for the past few weeks with members of Saanich Police.